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About trimitepachet.ro

www.trimitepachet.ro is made available to you by GLS România. The platform helps you send packages online, whenever you like.


Your benefits

• You register on the website with just a few clicks, and your data remains confidential,

• Place the parcel shipping order simple and fast,

• Send parcels in 25 European countries (see country list here),

• You can prepare your parcel at any time, whenever it is convenient for you,

• Pay the shipping cost online,

• You have the possibility to collect cash-on-delivery (COD) for parcels shipped to Romania,

• Benefit from the quality of GLS services.


Steps required to ship parcels

In order to ship a parcel, you need to acces the webpage http://www.trimitepachet.ro/en/wpso and follow these next steps:

1. Create an account on the platform or, in case you already have an account, log in using your current username;

2. Access http://www.trimitepachet.ro/en/wpso for sending a parcel;

3. Fill in the shipper’s and consignee’s information;

4. Measure the parcel and fill in its dimensions;

5. In case it is necessary, fill in the cash-on-delivery amount and the bank account where the amount should be transferred;

6. Pay for the delivery online and print the parcel label.

7. Attach the label on the largest side of the parcel;

8. Hand over your parcel to a GLS depot.


Other important information:

Label information

The information filled in at step 3 is very important. GLS delivers the parcel based on this information. The information filled in these fields must be correct and complete: street, number, city, postcode, country, telephone number and e-mail (if applicable).

Parcel label

The parcel label is sent to the shipper (you) via e-mail. This label must be attached to the largest side of the parcel in order to be visible.

Parcel hand over

Once the parcel has been properly prepared for shipment and you have arrived at a GLS depot, you can hand over the parcel to the responsible person in the depot (usually, the warehouse manager).

ParcelLockers are currently unavailable. In the „Method of parcel dispatch”, always select „I will dispatch the parcel at a GLS depot – Please select a depot”.


In case you would like the consignee to pay for the shipment, include the transportation cost in the cash-on-delivery amount to be collected. After the consignee takes over the parcel and pays for the cash-on-delivery, the collected amount is transferred to the specified bank account within 10 days from the delivery.

Cash-on-delivery amount cannot exceed 2,000 RON/parcel. The payment is made online, before shipping the parcel.

The parcel arrives quickly and safely to the consignee.

GLS Romania offers flexible and affordable services!

Check the price list for GLS parcels


GLS depot locations

Parcels that are paid and prepared will be handed over to a GLS depot in Romania. You can find their locations on the company’s website, using the depot search application:

Check the depot list